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November 4, 2012

Rocky Mountain Quartet Convention

Where do we go from here?

April 2013

 It was the first time in 19 years that we had to cancel a concert at the RMQC.

Friday evening's crowd was very good, considering the weather and the forecast.

In the two weeks since Good Friday weekend, we have had many, many phone

calls and emails asking if and when we are going to reschedule. To reschedule a

weekend like that, and soon, would be very difficult. Even so, it is very obvious

that an annual convention alone is not enough to satisfy the hunger of the fans

of Southern Gospel Music in the Denver area. So, with your prayers and support

in attending not only the RMQC but other SGM events in our city, we will make a

comeback. God bless you all.




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 This first issue of FACETS is maintained here to help us keep its purpose in mind. The column will be authored by members of the RMQC staff and members of Starlight Quartet as well as a guest writer from time to time. Starlight Quartet will have its own page on the website in the future. I hear you asking the question now, "Who is Starlight Quartet?" Hold on. We will be introducing them soon.
 JUNE 2012 - Welcome!

Here is the first article on our inspirational page of the RMQC website, simply called FACETS.  Truth, like a diamond, has many facets.  Truth, unlike a diamond, has an inexhaustible number of facets.  There is a `diamond` with an infinite amount of truth within the reach of most of us.  If you are reading this on the internet, this diamond can also be found there, even if you do not have a hard copy.  I'm talking about The Holy Bible, God's Word.  So, regardless of the amount of and/or value of inspirational stimulation you may find on this website or any other, I point you to The Bible, the inexhaustible source of truth and wisdom.

This first installment of FACETS is a preface statement. There will not always be an obvious connection to Gospel Music.  But we will draw from the same reservoir from which the song writers, the singers and musicians get their inspiration.  It is an amazing recipe, that truth as described above, combined with the human experience, yields the most phenomenal stories.  We hope to give you food for thought with FACETS.